Tow Truck Driver Salary In Saint Louis MO

Tow truck drivers are paid a base salary and total cash compensation, and are responsible for transporting damaged or stranded vehicles. A car dolly, on the other hand, is a simple tool for short distance moves in and out of town. Towing a car long distances, on the other hand, requires specialized equipment.

Tow truck driver base salary

If you’re considering a career as a tow truck driver in Saint Louis, MO, you may be wondering about the average salary for this position. While the average tow truck driver base salary is $35,482, the top-ten percent make more than $66,100 per year. In addition, tow truck drivers can expect to earn an average bonus of $1,140. These figures are based on surveys taken from employers and anonymous employees in Saint Louis, MO.

Saint Louis, Missouri is the second largest city in Missouri and is situated near the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. The metropolitan area encompasses Illinois and Missouri and is the 20th largest in the United States. It was an important cultural center of the Native American tribes in the region. A tow truck driver who is experienced enough to handle the needs of customers can work at companies like JMN, which are both headquartered in Saint Louis.

The salary of a Tow Truck Driver varies depending on the experience and education of the driver. Those with college degrees or experience in trucking can earn more than their junior counterparts. In addition, drivers with experience in management positions can earn more than those with less experience.

Total cash compensation

Tow truck drivers are responsible for a variety of important tasks that are essential for the smooth operation of a towing company. Their job entails long hours. In fact, some tow companies are open twenty-four hours a day. This means that the drivers are often tired and therefore, prone to making errors. They may also be distracted or intoxicated, two factors that make them especially dangerous. This can cause serious accidents resulting in injury or death.

Job description

The salary of a tow truck driver in Saint Louis, Missouri ranges from $35K to $56K per year. The position requires driving a flatbed tow truck and maneuvering cars to specific locations. After loading cars on a flatbed, tow truck drivers drive them to their destination. When they arrive, tow truck drivers unload the vehicles and release the cars to their owners.

Tow truck drivers are responsible for the removal of wrecked cars and provide assistance to victims of car accidents. These individuals typically work nine-to-five office hours, but can be on call for longer shifts. A basic knowledge of vehicle mechanics and electrical systems is required to safely and efficiently tow a vehicle.

Tow truck operators work with a towing company to remove damaged cars and abandoned vehicles. They receive a call from a dispatcher and drive to the scene to connect the vehicle to a tow truck. They then transport the vehicles to their destination, which is typically a junkyard.

As a tow truck driver, you’ll see many terrible incidents involving accidents. In addition to pulling cars from wrecks, tow truck drivers also remove automobiles from accident victims so that emergency personnel can reach them.

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